Braces for Kids

Braces for Kids

Many parents consider braces as an option to straighten their children’s teeth. You have several options when it comes to braces for kids. You can learn more about this orthodontic treatment by reaching out to our team at Harris Orthodontics.

The Basics About Braces for Children

Braces represent a treatment option designed to straighten teeth for adults and children alike. Braces for children function in the same way as adult options. Your child’s braces will include several brackets that attach to their teeth. Dr. Harris places a metal wire to connect the brackets, along with elastic bands in many cases. Over time, Dr. Harris will adjust the tension of the wire to pull teeth into the correct position. Often, braces serve as an essential part of treatment to improve your child’s dental health.

What Can You Expect When Your Child Starts Orthodontic Treatment?

Many parents aren’t sure what to expect from braces for kids. Our team at Harris Orthodontics can provide you with answers to all of your questions.


The action of moving teeth into place may cause some discomfort for patients. The braces put constant pressure on your child’s teeth, and some patients handle the discomfort better than others.

Your child’s comfort is of utmost importance to Dr. Harris. He adapts his treatment and techniques to the level of your child’s comfort to ensure they have the most positive and comfortable experience possible.


The cost for your child’s braces can vary based on the extent of their oral healthcare needs and the kind of insurance you carry. The out-of-pocket cost to patients most often varies from patient to patient, but for an estimate of what you may pay, check out our braces payment calculator here!

Time Frame

Treatment time can vary anywhere from 6 months to 30 months. However, most patients will require treatment for about 18 months.

We Design for Our Orthodontic Treatment for Comfort

We understand the importance of your child’s comfort. That’s why we focus on providing you with options that minimize pain or discomfort. While traditional braces have a reputation for unpleasantness, many newer options feel natural.

Our team utilizes innovative technology to straighten teeth for all your family members. We’re ready to discuss all of your options so you can make an informed decision.

Understand Living with Braces

Braces for kids come with minor changes to your child’s life. For example, your child may need to avoid certain foods while wearing braces. The experts recommend cutting out foods that are:

  • Chewy
  • Sticky
  • Hard

These foods have the potential to damage or even break your child’s braces. Sticky foods often pull wires free, allowing these metal pieces to poke your child. You’ll need to come back to our office in this situation.

Children often experience some soreness after Dr. Harris tightens their braces. We recommend providing your child with soft foods for a day or two after adjusting. You may also want to give your child a pain reliever to help with the discomfort.

Other children express discomfort along their inner lips and cheeks from exposure to brackets. We recommend dental wax to alleviate this problem. You can apply this wax to the brackets, smoothing out the surface and relieving discomfort.