Smile With Confidence

What is Invisalign?

What is Invisalign®? The Invisalign system serves as an alternative to traditional braces. Patients who use Invisalign can straighten their teeth without using metal brackets, wire, or elastic bands.

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Invisalign for Kids

Are you considering your options to straighten your child’s teeth? If so, you may want to consider Invisalign® for kids. The Invisalign system can adjust teeth without using metal brackets or rubber bands.

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Invisalign for Teens

Not that long ago, attaining a perfect smile meant donning metal braces that could take up to 3 years to achieve the desired results. Today, Invisalign® for teens is a popular alternative to braces that is nearly invisible and much more comfortable to wear.

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Invisalign for Adults

Are you dissatisfied with your smile in the mirror or in photos? If you never had braces as a child, or if you had braces when you were younger but your teeth have shifted since then, Invisalign® for adults can help straighten your teeth and give you the smile you always dreamt of.

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Invisalign FAQ

If you don’t like how your smile looks, Invisalign® is an innovative and convenient way to straighten your teeth. Below are some Invisalign FAQs that our dentists often receive about Invisalign.

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