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Our Patients Love Us!

Dr. Harris with Smiling Patients

Dr. Harris and his team have been fantastic to work with! I highly recommend them!
Their employees are some of the nicest people around!
Wonderful customer service. Live in Provo but worked in Sandy early. They were willing to meet me early so I could get to work in time!! Loved how my teeth turned out as well!! Would highly recommend Harris Orthodontics to anyone!!! Great staff! Wonderful experience!
Harris Orthodontics is a family oriented office. Great attention, great customer service and excellent service!
Great staff and professional results. We have been pleased with the results.
There are a lot of Orthodontists and professionals out there and I am sure they are all great to some, if not most. Dr. Harris is the standard for patients care in Orthodontics. His energy is fantastic, he's friendly, he listens, he has perspective, he loves what he does (I can feel it), and he has a great staff that follow his lead. 10/10 experience. Thank you, Dr. Harris!
Great atmosphere with amazing staff! Nothing but perfectly straight smiles from this fam 😁
These people are amazing! Helped me get over some pretty serious fear and were always open and understanding!
We loved Harris Orthodontics!
Great employees!
Harris Orthodontics was amazing. They are pristine, quick and professional. We loved our experience!!
We love Harris Orthodontics!We had consults at 4 different offices and are so happy with our decision to go to Harris. And here's why:1. Most important, His approach. He does what is necessary and doesn't push for extra equipment or treatment that isn't needed nor does things sooner than needed. He takes the time to talk about what's needed, why, and the progress. (When other doctors had extra recommendations at their consults, I was able to call Dr. Harris to discuss those differences)2. He isn't overloaded or overscheduled with patients and therefore I've been able to call in for questions and haven't had any problems scheduling appointments. We've never had to delay appointments due to the doctor's availability.3. Great friendly staff. My 11yr old has needed some intense intervention with her teeth and they have been so compassionate and encouraging with her.4. Beautiful, clean, new office with the latest technology. His 4D x-rays were able to give way more accurate details and info to my daughters teeth (especially the ones that hadn't grown in yet and were a big problem) than the standard x-rays the other offices were using that left the doctor's with some unknowns. I love that his office is sleek and simple. A different office we consider had an overdone theme throughout and we were there on causal Friday so the staff looked sloppy in football Jerseys and jeans. (Sorry, but the casual party vibe for Orthodontics didn't appeal to me and didn't make a good first impression.)5. As far as pricing and using insurance, it's compareable to everyone else, so fortunately that wasn't a big factor in making our decision.
Dr. Harris and his office staff are all very professional and make you feel right at home. I like how they are aware of all the most current treatment options and trends. I felt like they helped us make a very educated decision about our treatment plan. We had a great experience with their office and my daughters teeth look great!
I LOVE Harris orthodontist such a nice office and great employees!!
Dr Harris and his team are fantastic. I had braces decades ago when I was younger and over time my teeth moved and drifted. I was ready for a better smile again. Dr Harris did a great job of explaining my options and presenting a plan for treatment. His team is always great and the results have been beyond my expectations. I would tell anyone that my experience was exceptional.
Dr. Harris and his staff have been great working with my son who is on the spectrum. They are patient and make him feel comfortable. I will be bringing my other two here for braces once they are ready. Thank you!
We have been so happy with Harris Orthodontics. The staff is friendly and the office is clean. The appointments are quick and easy to schedule. I would recommend this office to everyone!
It is awesome
We love this dentist and all the employees. Everyone is friendly and kind. We never have to wait for more than a minute or two either. They are also very gentle on your teeth. AND they are honest.I came in with a diagnosis from another dentist that would have cost thousands to repair. But I learned (from Dr. Harris and his dental assistant) that the solution was actually a water pic that I bought for $39 on Amazon. After using the water pic, the issue was fixed by the time I went back in for my next appt.Our whole family goes here and we love it!
People of Utah, ya’ll know there are more dentists and orthodontics in the valley than McDonalds. But Harris Orthodontics is the ONLY place you should be going to. Everyone else is smoke and mirrors; bring your teeth to the FORCE!
They have a very chill/friendly and professional vibe about them.. my experience has been super great and my smile is shining! Thanks! 🙂