At Harris Orthodontics, we believe an artist is only as good as their tools and this is no different for orthodontics. Gone are the days of gummy molds, uncomfortable dental appliances and prolonged x-ray appointments. Today we can make molds, take x-rays, and prescribe treatments that are almost burden-free on the part of the patient. Modern technology allows us to schedule same-day appointments and get our patients in and out of the chair in record time.

Modern Technology

iTero® Element™ Digital Impressions

We’re happy to highlight our dental impression tool, iTero® Element™. This tool allows us to eliminate the traditional method of a “goopy” mess when dental impressions are gathered. The old way was unpleasant for the patient and, even worse, often resulted in repeat appointments due to the inaccuracy of this method. No patient wants to experience this and we believe you shouldn’t have to either. So when we sought to be a modern practice, this “goopy” impression method was one of the first dental techniques to go.

Let’s dive deeper into how iTero® Element™ works.

Orthodontic Assistant using iTero with Patient

The intraoral scan is an optical impression system (CAD/CAM) that can help Dr. Harris gather topographical images of your teeth and oral tissue. A little bit different from our X-ray, the iTero® Element™ presents a pivotal and applicable dental mold that can help us determine the next steps in your treatment. Sparing the details, this mold is the blueprint for your future smile. Mainly used to prep for braces or Invisalign clear aligners, the iTero® Element™ has an interesting little wand that gathers data about your smile. This procedure isn’t magic, however. It’s only useful in the hands of a skilled orthodontist like Dr. Harris. This data then integrates into our other technologies to help us get a comprehensive report on the dimensions of your aligners.

If you’re a candidate for braces or Invisalign, you will likely get to experience this machine first-hand. Let’s go over what to expect.

iTero digital impressions are great for people with gag reflexes since there isn’t any putty used in the mouth. They are also more accurate than traditional alginate or PVS materials. Since the impressions are digital, they allow for faster turnaround times on Invisalign aligners and create a more precise fit.

X-Ray Vision

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital Dental X-Rays

If you’re thinking of Superman then you’re on the right path – except, our tech is cooler. Our 3D digital dental x-rays can help our team get much more information from the scan than previous technology would allow. We can diagnose and spot problems before they arise through this technology. As an added bonus, this imaging system gives off 90% less radiation than older film machines.

Beyond all this, we can zoom, magnify, and manipulate the scans in various ways we previously couldn’t in order to help us get a complete understanding of the patient’s mouth, jaw, and head. We can even see inside of individual teeth to understand tooth-by-tooth what needs to happen for a successful treatment.

What this means for you: You get informed decisions about your oral health and quicker treatment times. This is a win-win.


Other Advanced Technology

The forefront of our patient-centered customer service is clear communication, so rest assured that you and your family will be in expert hands with our friendly orthodontic team. Throughout your treatment process our modern technology will give you a clear, accurate picture of your care with reduced treatment time and more comfortability.

Carriere® Motion 3D Appliance

The Carriere Motion 3D Appliance avoids the need for uncomfortable and bulky, yet frequently utilized, devices such as the Herbst or Forsus. The Motion appliance is sleek, low profile, simple, and can significantly reduce the time wearing braces or Invisalign!

Spectralase Laser

The Spectralase Laser is used to recontour bulky or uneven gum lines. This will help put the finishing touches on your beautiful new smile!