Braces for Teens

Braces for Teens

Teenagers often worry about their appearance and how their peers view them. Helping your teen get the smile they want can boost their confidence and help them feel better about themselves.

You can find out more information about our braces options by browsing our website or booking a free consultation.

Our Process

Our team at Harris Orthodontics focuses on putting our patients first. This goal impacts every step of our treatment process.

Our team begins by assessing your teenager’s unique needs. Then, we go over any issues that may bother your teen, including crooked teeth, an underbite or overbite, or crowding along the jaw. Finally, we’ll recommend a treatment plan based on the assessment results.

We provide your teen with multiple choices for braces. Teenagers don’t have to stick to traditional metal braces with metal brackets and noticeable elastic bands. Instead, we offer several invisible treatments, including clear braces or Inbrace.

Dr. Harris places the braces and makes all necessary adjustments over time. Expect to visit our office every few weeks to get the required adjustments. We’ll monitor your teen’s progress at each appointment.

Find Out What to Expect When Your Teen Starts Orthodontic Treatment

Braces work by pulling on your teen’s teeth, gradually moving the teeth into correct alignment. This process may lead to some discomfort. Many teens report an ache, especially in the days immediately after an adjustment.

You can help your teen handle this discomfort with over-the-counter pain medications and by providing soft foods for a few days. Braces should not impact your teen’s day-to-day life too much. However, teens should avoid sticky, hard, or chewy foods.

Additionally, we know that many teens play sports. Teens should always wear a mouthguard while playing sports, especially if they have braces.

How Long Do Teens Have to Wear Braces?

The treatment time for braces varies based on several factors. When we set up an appointment for braces for teens, we’ll base our treatment estimate on:

  • The amount of movement necessary to straighten the teen’s teeth
  • The kind of braces they want to use
  • The number of issues the teen wants to correct

Our team provides comprehensive orthodontic care for all our patients. We don’t try to fit your family into a one-size-fits-all situation. Instead, we assess your teen’s specific needs and develop a personalized treatment plan.

How Can Your Teen Protect Their Braces?

Braces for teenagers require protection. In general, patients protect their braces by avoiding certain foods. Sticky or chewy foods can pull the wires of the braces free, requiring a visit to the orthodontist to get the wires reattached.

Braces may also sustain damage during athletic events. Wearing a special sports mouthguard provides protection if your teen plays contact sports.

We recommend sports mouthguards for all athletes, whether or not they wear braces. Playing sports without a mouthguard increases the risk of breaking, cracking, or losing a tooth.

In addition to wearing a mouthguard, patients with braces should maintain good oral hygiene. All patients should brush and floss regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria or plaque around the brackets.

Treatment Options

When it comes to braces for teens, your family has a variety of options.

Visible Treatment Options

Traditional metal braces utilize metal brackets and wires that help apply tension to gradually move the patient’s teeth. We also offer Damon® braces. Damon braces use a self-ligating system that doesn’t require colored bands.

Both traditional and Damon braces work very well to adjust the position of your teen’s teeth. However, some teenagers prefer to avoid the look of braces.

Invisible Treatment Options

Our team understands that many patients want less obvious treatment options when it comes to braces. That’s why we offer several invisible treatments for teens, including:

  • Inbrace options
  • Damon clear braces

We also offer traditional ceramic braces. These braces have brackets made of a ceramic material that often matches the color of your teen’s teeth. They still require the use of elastic bands, but they’re far less noticeable than stainless-steel braces.

Support Your Teen with Braces

Braces can address issues like crooked teeth or crowding. Our team at Harris Orthodontics provides you with many options when it comes to straightening your teen’s teeth. Give your child the care they deserve today!