Other Orthodontic Treatments

Harris Orthodontics treats your whole smile by offering technologically advanced solutions from cosmetic to health-improving remedies including TMJ Treatment, Gum Shaping, and Sleep Apnea Screening. These are just a few of the ways we stand out from the crowd, serve you better, and provide the best health treatment you deserve.

TMJTMJ Treatment

If your jaw is misaligned, you could have pain in the future or even now. We can put your jaw in a stable and healthy position to treat and prevent problems.

Becca B.
20:17 07 May 21
I have been suffering from jaw pain for years. It was beginning to give me terrible headaches so I went in to see Dr Harris. He immediately knew where my pain was coming from and thanks to his 3D equipment could explain it to me and show me pictures and a treatment plan. Within a week of beginning my treatment, my headaches were gone and so was the pain! I highly recommend Dr Harris and his friendly staff.
Addison T.
20:17 01 Jan 20
Dr Harris and his staff really are the best! His office is clean and welcoming. Dr Harris is very knowledgeable and professional! He took the time to explain everything in detail about the jaw, sleep apnea and overall health rather than just putting braces on! He really goes above and beyond to give his patients the best care. 100% Recommend this office!
Randee L.
15:16 24 Jun 19
From the moment I walked in, Harris Orthodontics was fast, efficient, professional, and friendly. They have a separate game and movie room for children in the lobby where my kids waited while I had my teeth worked on, and the staff would help watch them while I couldn’t. The office smells wonderful, it’s well-lit, and I’m excited to get my InBrace braces as well as my jaw fixed. You’re able to see so much with their 3D X-Ray technology, it’s crazy!


Gum LaseringGum Shaping

No one wants a gummy smile or an uneven gum line. We use a laser to shape your gums so that you can smile with confidence. Learn More.



Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea Screening

Our training and state-of-the-art technology puts us in a unique position to identify early warning signs of sleep apnea and even provide treatment that can eliminate the need for a CPAP machine.