When Should You See an Orthodontist?

Knowing where and when to start your child’s first orthodontic appointments can be a tricky question to answer. Harris Orthodontics is here to guide you along from start to finish. We want to be your partner who specializes in making your child’s smile a healthy piece of their well-being.

How Soon Should I Start Bringing my Child to the Orthodontist?

A lot rides on a healthy smile. Having missing, impacted, or crooked teeth can not only damage a child’s self-confidence and discourage them from smiling often but can even cause pain or future health problems down the line. To ensure your child gets the preventative care they deserve we recommend bringing them into our office for their first appointment no later than age 7.

Let’s break down why it’s so important.

  1. Identifying Dental Irregularities Before they Become an Issue
    It’s no secret that dental issues are common in Americans. It is estimated that 3.5 million children begin orthodontic treatment every year. While most of this treatment is braces, other issues do arise as well. In extreme cases, if dental issues are not treated at a young age the child can develop speech problems, or problematic chewing habits. Worst of all, these issues can even cause damage that can only be resolved by oral surgery. Finding and correcting these problems at an early age ensures no oral issues are set in stone.
  2. Instilling Dental Confidence from An Early Age
    Young children are sources of joy for many of us. Nothing is more contagious than a child’s smile. At Harris Orthodontics, we want to reward smiling by ensuring they’re proud of their smile. Not only that, but we aim to make their appointments fun and lighthearted to keep them smiling from start to finish. Helping a child smile from an early age can ensure they have a full lifetime of showing those pearly whites around.
  3. Setting Good Dental Habits that Last a Lifetime
    Unfortunately, the stigma around childhood dental appointments can sometimes be true. At Harris Orthodontics, we think every child deserves a good orthodontic experience and we work hard to ensure that children love taking care of their smiles as much as we do. Where some orthodontists may be distant, cold, and downright un-fun, we make it our mission to ensure they enjoy coming to their appointments because your child has enough stress apart from their appointment. It’s this simple philosophy that helps your child enjoy taking care of their teeth for the rest of their lives – leading to a lifetime of smiles.